hello world!

I’m a writer, designer, creative director & artist living in London.

I founded information is beautiful, @infobeautyaward & @iibstudio (sold 2015)

My current projects are @VizSweet and a secret secret thing.

Two best-selling design books published by HarperCollins: Information is Beautiful (2009) Knowledge is Beautiful (2014). Both use data-visualisation & information design to tell new kinds of stories, convey interesting ideas, bend minds etc. My Reddit AMA

I've spoken on these topics at TED Global and 100+ conferences & events worldwide.

Love ideas, truth & beauty. Love to understand the world. To that end, I've created over 600 visualizations, free-ranging across nature, science, thought, food, pop and dogs. Anything strange & interesting.

My commercial clients have included Google, GE, SAP, Kantar, Facebook.

But, yes, it’s true - I made The Helicopter Game.